During my time in graduate school at the University of Florida, one of the courses I took was Social Media Advertising for Conversions. In this course we learned how to best use and navigate the advertising framework on all mainstream social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok.

We created content for event marketing, influencer marketing, organic posts, video advertising, and more. In most cases, we created mock up ads for well-known, established brands with the exception of our final project which included a paid social campaign for a brand of our own.

Below you’ll find some of my work from throughout the semester.

Facebook Ad Campaign — TOMS

Objective: For the midterm project, I was tasked with creating a Facebook ad campaign for any brand that sells a product online. The brand I chose to work with is TOMS, a shoe retailer with strong corporate social responsibility initiatives known for their “one for one” shoe donation program.

Video Ad:

Single Image Ads:

Instagram Ads — Rothys

Objective: I was assigned the task of creating ads for an e-commerce brand. I chose Rothys, an online shoe retailer specializing in women and girl’s shoes. Below are the mockups I created for organic and paid news feed posts as well as an Instagram story ad.

Organic Posts:

Paid Ads:

Paid Instagram Story:

Event Marketing — Central Florida Fair

Objective: I was assigned the task of creating ads for an event marketing campaign for any event. I chose to create a campaign for the Central Florida Fair which occurs every March in Orlando, FL.

For this campaign I created 1 video ad and 2 photo ads.

Video Ad:

Single Image Ads: